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Extreme electric scooters that are not only powerful, they are also equipped with robust tires and suspension that can handle tougher terrains without problems, without compromising on performance.

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För en smidigare och mer miljövänlig pendling.

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A wide range of practical accessories gives you the opportunity to adapt your electric scooter to your personal needs.

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Individ sitter på elsparkcykel / elscooter en varm sommardag

Electric scooters are the green way.

Wheely Shop's vision is to make everyday life easier and the world greener. Today, more and more people choose e-scooters as an environmentally friendly alternative for many of the short journeys that are usually made by car.

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Spare parts.

Our high-quality spare parts for electric scooters guarantee a safe and smooth ride, so you can continue to enjoy your electric scooter for a long time.

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